What does the the future hold for home construction?   We believe we know the answer — it’s called “The EarthCo Megablock Process”  —  and it’s transforming how man builds upon this planet.   We use the healthiest and most abundant building material available to man Earth itself.   Earthen materials are a trillion times more abundant than our planets timber resources?   And using earth does not reduce our planets ability to recycle and sequester CO2 like building with trees does.   Earth is a naturally renewable product , infinitely recyclable with a closed loop material cycle — construction ecologists love us— as nothing goes into a landfill.    But we didn’t stop there — We’re transforming how factories operate, our’s is trailer mounted and goes to the job-site to eliminate up to 90% of shipping and material costs.   Our advanced next-generation manufacturing/integrated construction process converts local (mostly free) earthen material into  Giant Compressed Earth Blocks (GCEB) (weigh > 1ton each) that simply stack up (very few are required to build a structure which increases the speed of construction) and they’re placed mechanically which eliminates the majority of manual labor.   The end result is superior performing high thermal mass earthen walls >18″ thick that are healthy, fireproof, tornado-proof, soundproof, bulletproof, rodent, insect, mold and mildew resistant, durable, highly energy efficient and extremely long-lived.   Our integrated manufacturing/construction process has the potential to double the speed of construction at 1/2 the cost of conventional construction for similar performance.   EarthCo’s innovative process is believed to feature the Lowest Embodied Energy Costs and the Best Life Cycle Assessment Costs of any manufactured building product worldwide.   The UN estimates a current deficit of over 100 million housing units and we are falling behind population growth by more than 4000 housing units per hour.  We need to face facts -to deal with population growth and climate change — we have to build healthy, more sustainable and durable homes that cannot burn or be destroyed by increasingly violent weather.   Our world needs millions of positive energy carbon negative housing for a Better tomorrow and the “EarthCo Megablock Process” is the Best way to get ‘er done………….

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Vickie Wilson

    I think this is awesome!!! What kind of price would we be looking at for a 1200 sq ft house. Can you do just a shell and owner finish inside?
    Is it on a cement slab?


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